Friday, March 30, 2007

Mobile Media Multitasking Mania

As a gadget-freak with a long history of multitasking (I started playing the drums at age 10, and would be lost with out my Palm Treo's phone/pda/MP3 player/camera/videocam/IM/web/email/reminder capabillities...) Steve Lohr's article in the March 25th NYT, "Slow Down, Brave Multitasker, and Don’t Read This in Traffic", was of particular interest to me personally.
As our industry explores, develops and encourages the many uses of mobile digital media devices (see DMAF's June 2005 DiMeNar, "Digital Media Content on Mobile Devices and Platforms: What does the future hold?" and "Digital Media is..." multimedia segment we must make a concerted effort to remain aware of the latest research that addresses the effects, benefits and risks of their use under a variety of conditions, in a variety of situations. Future research in this area is bound to be controversial and the subject of future legislation, so DMAF will endeavor to identify and hightlight materials that allow our members to make and encourage responsible decisions.
If you run across any articles, blogs or video features on this topic, please send them along and we will post the information.

— Jud French, Executive Director, DMAF

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