Friday, March 30, 2007


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"Our digital media industry, led by Digital Media Alliance Florida (DMAF) and their members, did a bang-up job of educating our legislators with their multi-booth set-up on the Plaza level of the Capitol building. Exhibits from the DAVE school, Electronic Arts, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc., and Web Wise Kids were among those on both sides of the main entrance to the Capitol, capturing the attention of everyone who came through security – or were heading for the Governor’s office. 

"DMAF had legislators, staff, regular folk and kids playing games and getting involved in the latest types of computer games and simulation. Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp even stopped by to take a personalized tour! All the exhibitors said it was well worth the effort to set up for the two-day display, which was arranged by the Governor’s Office of Film and Entertainment. The second day was only one half of the plaza level, but still attracted plenty of interest. 

"The capitol media also stopped by to check out the scene. Here are a couple of articles that are out now: 

Orlando Sentinel - 

Palm Beach Post - 

"Film Florida, Inc. will have the same plaza level space in the Capital to represent the film industry on April 18th. Contact Film Florida at (877) 434-5635 or email if you have interest in participating."

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