Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beyond The Soundbytes - The MusicTank Report

Since its inception in 2003, MusicTank has earned its title as the UK music business network- a collaborative community that overrides traditional industry partitions in all genres. The network also hosts regular think tanks which bring hot topics into sharp focus and help pinpoint the opportunities created by disruptive technologies.

"In composing this first ever review of MusicTank activity, Peter Jenner has summed up of-the-moment Think Tank debates, from DRM usage to the emerging possibilities of future radio, and has also taken this opportunity to look beneath the immediate issues to unearth the fundamental and seismic changes which new technology and new consumer attitudes continue to affect within all areas of the business. "

The main findings of the report, in terms of where the industry is now, where it should be, and how it can get there, are summed up in the freely available Executive Summary available HERE.

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