Sunday, April 15, 2007

Digital Content Creation Market to Grow to Nearly $5 Billion in 2012

Source RedOrbit
Jon Peddie Research announces the release of the 2007 Digital Content Creation Report. This year's report includes sections on 3D modeling and Animation, 2D Animation, Digital Video, Graphics and Imaging, and Audio.
The digital content creation market has seen a healthy period of growth.
The total DCC market grew 16% from $2.6 billion to reach more than $3 billion in 2006. The fastest growing segments in the future will be interactive development and video as the web offers new distribution networks and new programming approaches such as AJAX to enable small compelling applications to be developed that extend the power of individual web sites.

Jon Peddie Research predicts the market will reach $4.9 billion by 2012 reflecting a compound annual growth rate of 10%.

"We are seeing big shifts in the digital content creation market. For example there have been game changing moves by Adobe with the acquisition of Macromedia and Serious Magic, Autodesk's acquisition of Alias and Colorfront and Google's acquisition of Sketchup and YouTube. The landscape is changing right in front of us all. It's all good, but companies are going to have to be nimble to adapt," says Kathleen Maher, Senior Analyst at Jon Peddie Research and author of the DCC Report.

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