Saturday, January 06, 2007

Online Music Servics That Help You Find New Music

From USA Today, here's a list of 6 music recommendation/discovery services that are pretty easy to use and mostly free...To be honest, I'd never heard of a few of Goombah, but MusicIP is my personal favorite...although Pandora is pretty compelling too...Try them out and see which one is your favorite! I guarantee they'll bring an added dimension to your listening pleasure :-)

MusicIP Mixer: Generates instant mixes inside your iTunes collection

Goombah: Matches you with folks with similar tastes after analyzing your iTunes collection. Free downloads

Soundflavor DJ: Playlist generator for iTunes can point you to concerts and recommended music

iLike: Lets you compare the music you are listening to with friends and get downloads from

Pandora: Builds customized radio stations based on songs or artists you enter Compiles vast reservoir of listening data from members to provide recommendations

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