Monday, August 14, 2006


The 2nd research presentation of the day was presented by Chris Muratore and Rob Sisco, from Nielsen SoundScan. It was reported that Nielsen is currently the only pan-american music tracking service and they are now seeing the trending in Europe. One example of this is that mobile full-track downloads are outpacing PC downloads across the pond...(It's worth noting that SoundScan tracks over 300 labels and that all the online digital music services report sales totals every week...) While it's easy to get excited with all the reported growth in digital, it's extremely important to keep in mind that it's still only 6% of the market. (Maybe someday we can also factor in streams and mobile sales to get a clearer picture, eh...?) Listed below are some of the highlights.

- The industry just experienced a sharp decline - 2nd lowest week since 1994 - with only 8.9 million sales. (2006 has had 36,866 new album releases with 13,210 being digital only.)

- Although CD album sales were down almost 8%, overall music purchases (which includes albums, singles and digital tracks) exceeded 1 billion for the first time ever! In other words, even though CD's aren't flying off the shelves, there was a 23% increase in overall paid music consumption - which is great news for the industry.

- Mass merchant channels (i.e., Best Buy, Target) continue to grow, hitting a 40% marketshare for the very first time.

- Internet album sales were up 11% over 2004 and digital album sales had 200% growth in 2005. (2006's digital album sales are up 123% over last year.)

- For you trivia lovers, the Black Eyed Peas have sold the most digital tracks of all time of any band at 6.3 million. (Eminem is 2nd at 5.8 mil and Green Day is third at 5.5. mil)

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